New «Wild Orchid»

The history of brand «Wild Orchid» has started more than 10 years ago. It is associated with the best fashion houses like Nina Ricci, C.Dior, Cotton Club, Kenzo, R.Cavalli and many others. «Wild Orchid» is not just a boutique where You can buy high quality goods, it is life philosophy which gives the feeling of  being the elite to its clients.  Exclusive design, refined fabrics, luxury underwear express the feelings of love, freedom and beauty. There are more than 40 «Wild Orchid» boutiques in whole Russia. The opening of «Wild Orchid» in shopping gallery «Crystal» is very soon. Visit «Wild Orchid» for good mood and fashionable collections of underwear.

Boutique «Wild Orchid»
Shopping gallery «Crystal»
2st floor, front line